BAROQUE TACK Bridle + Breastplate Set

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BAROQUE TACK Bridle + Breastplate Set
Handcrafted with the greatest care and dedication from nobly, supple and elaborately doubled calfskin leather. High-quality materials and excellent workmanship round off the picture of exclusivity! Every piece is unique!
Breastplate, Browband & Noseband are standard Full size - the headpiece is a slightly smaller Full size.


  • Crystals: Embellished with sparkling Chessboard Crystals (Cut 2035), Size: 14mm, 18mm & 25x18mm, Color: Sapphire
  • Leather: Excellent supple and extravagantly finished calfskin
  • Noseband: Crank noseband, black padded
  • Browband: V-Browband, 2 metal elements embellished with sparkling Chessboard Crystals
  • Buckles: Shiny elegant solid brass baroque buckles, chromed
  • Reins: No reins included




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