BAROQUE TACK Baroque Double Bridle

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Gorgeous Baroque Double Bridle!   


Extravagantly finished Baroque Double Bridle with impressive, finely worked out solid brass fittings. Sewn entirely by hand. Another Highlight are the extra large browband rosettes. This Double Bridle is without throatlatch. A throatlatch to use this Double Bridle as a Single Bridle as well can be ordered separately. Eexchange the 2 rear cheekpieces with the throatlatch and you can use it as a Single Bridle.


  • Leather: Black 
  • Browband: Including removeable browband rosettes
  • FittingsGeorgeous solid brass fittings
  • Crown: With wide cut-out ear area
  • Reins: Including 2 pairs matching reins


Selection: BAROQUE TACK Baroque Double Bridle

Product no. Size Status Price
ZAU-346-K Double Bridle Full
489.90 € *
ZAU-346-KEHL Separater Kehlriemen
39.90 € *
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